10 years has taken for realization for concept.
This awesome album "TAISHI" sticks to one shot recording.

A total of 8 songs by "Yamabe Taishi" and Japanese traditional music instrument players that representative of the various fields.
Recorded the present "Now of Japanese traditional music" on one disc.
Using Japanese Drums, Shamisen, Shakuhachi, Shinobue, Narimono, and 25 stringed-koto.

Music you have never listened to, you could taste in this album "TAISHI"

Yamabe Taishi [Wadaiko]
Asano Sho [Tsugaru Shamisen] / Ishigaki Seizan [Shakuhachi] / Yoshii Shogo [Shinobue, Wadaiko] / Maeda Tsuyoshi [Narimono, Wadaiko] / Nakai Tomoya [Nijugogen-sou]

Yamabe Taishi Original album "TAISHI"

Yamabe Taishi Original album "TAISHI"

3,300 YEN(tax in)

For sale at the performance venue.

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